Adoria is a land known for its powerful divine magic and piety. The land was once ruled by the Xarrut, a mighty and cruel tiefling empire that used powerful arcane magic to keep its subjects afraid and in control. After several generations a great hero named Vindex the Avenger used power granted by the gods to wage war against the Xarrut empire, which ultimately fell. Vindex helped establish the theocracy and became the first Grand Auditoris, who ensures the gods’ wills are followed throughout the empire. Arcane magic and its practitioners are generally viewed with fear and suspicion, as tales of the wicked Tiefling wizards have survived the years. In some places, the use of arcane magic is outright banned.

The current Grand Auditoris is Lucretia Avenarius. A gentle-hearted woman, she is almost universally beloved by the people of Adoria. She reigns from Paradiso, the cultural epicenter of the empire. It is said that Paradiso is the closest place on the planet to the gods. The rest of the empire is broken up into territories usually overseen by Arch Priests and Priestesses. The Avenarius family has created the Council of High Priests to hear the needs of each region.